Hail Caesar!!

What do you get when you combine romaine lettuce, shaved fresh Parmesan cheese, Caesar dressing, and homemade croutons? No…it’s not your ordinary and probably boring salad.


Rule number 1: Don’t dump fake processed parmesan cheese in your salad. Please…I’m begging you.

Rule number 2: Don’t dump processed croutons out of a carton. Make them fresh; there is nothing better.

Rule number 3: Make sure the dressing is creamy and flavorful. Dressing should delicately cling to your lettuce so there’s an incredible flavor in every bite.


Rule number 4: Make sure the romaine lettuce is fresh. Please? Seems obvious, but it’s so important.

Rule number 5: Do not forget to add just a pinch of salt and a little freshly cracked black pepper.

We follow these rules, and that’s what makes our classic Caesar salad so delightful.


If you’re craving the cool freshness of a salad, creaminess of a good dressing, and crunch of flavorful homemade croutons, The Saucy Italian NY has your Caesar salad.

We are TheSaucyItalianNY.com

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