Cool Graphics for The Saucy Italian NY

The creative process of our graphics for The Saucy Italian NY concession trailer

Johnny is the most talented and creative person I know. He always finds a way to bring any ideas I have to life. I really can’t wrap my head around all that he’s capable of. Yes, my short German Architect hubby from Wisconsin can accomplish a whole lot with that brilliant and creative noggin of his.

So, when I said, “We need some graphic art for our concession trailer”, he replied, “Ok, whatcha’ got in mind?” I proceeded to tell him that I want it to show some kind of representation of me since I actually AM The Saucy Italian NY. But I didn’t want a plain old photograph. He suggested a cartoon version of me. “Yes!!! That’s awesome”, I said.  I went on to describe all the whimsical ideas I had in my mind.

Johnny took a photograph of my face and off he went! Sketching, erasing, sketching, erasing, and finishing up with, coloring and shadowing. Here’s the final product. I hope you like it as much as I do.


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