Oh-So-Good Food Tasting

The Saucy Italian NY crew–Santino, Annette, and Johnny at Sysco for a food tasting. We met with Chef Tony and our consultant, Daniel,  to taste-test various ingredients and brainstorm on some creative food truck-friendly ideas.


We started out with a fresh salad with lightly blanched beets (soooo good), apple slices, walnuts, feta cheese, and raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Um….yeah! That was tasty.


Fried ravioli, lightly coated with fresh parmigiana cheese, served over marinara. Not bad, but not amazing. However, we also tried homemade ravioli. This particular ravioli comes from an Italian woman and her small family-run operation. She hand-makes each and every ravioli, and it shows. Each puffy ravioli is filled with only the best fillings. This is not your typical ravioli that deflates after you drop it in boiling water, only to disappoint. These are filled correctly and thoughtfully. Each delicate pillow filled with things like high-quality cheeses—or sweet peas—or mushrooms. No, not the kind of mushrooms you dump out of a can. I can assure you. This was quite the hit, and I’ll be sure to feature it on occasion.


We tried burgers too. Oh, and these were not your ordinary burgers. They’re more like “steak” burgers, but very juicy, tender, naturally flavorful, and oh so good. They are made with special fine mixes of meat, like chuck, brisket, and port house.  I know….it’s not even fair! We’ll be sure to feature these burgers on occasion as well.


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