Shrimp Cavavino


Shrimp is sautéed in olive oil and butter with minced garlic and onion. Thyme is one of the spices added for a subtle earthiness, while the celery and freshly squeezed lemon juice brighten up the dish. A glug of wine is cooked off, which does wonders to the flavor of the shrimp.

Chopped sun dried tomatoes jump into the pool, adding great color, flavor, and texture; this really rounds out the dish. All of this flavorful goodness is gently combined with pasta, making every bite consistently delish!


We are The Saucy Italian NY!

The Whole Shebang!!

The Whole Shebang: Includes your choice of Pasta (Fettucine, Spaghetti, or Mostaccioli) and Your Choice of Sauce (Marinara/Red or Alfredo/White); Plus an Arancini (Italian Fried Rice Ball), Rosemary Garlic Panini Bread, Side Salad, Dessert, and a Beverage.

With Marinara or Alfredo Sauce $13.95

Add Meatballs $3 extra

Add Shrimp $6 extra

Example of The Whole Shebang with Mostaccioli, Marinara Sauce and Meatballs…Comes with Choice of Dessert, Side Salad, Rosemary Garlic Panini Bread, a Rice Ball, and Extra Sauce for Dipping……




We are

Sweety Pie Bites

What do you get when you combine…

homemade caramel, crunchy crushed oreo cookies, rich chocolate, and a hint of flaked sea salt?



       Sweet, crunchy, gooey, salty, chocolateeeee! You’re welcome!


Sweety Pie Bites! We are

Hail Caesar!!

What do you get when you combine romaine lettuce, shaved fresh Parmesan cheese, Caesar dressing, and homemade croutons? No…it’s not your ordinary and probably boring salad.


Rule number 1: Don’t dump fake processed parmesan cheese in your salad. Please…I’m begging you.

Rule number 2: Don’t dump processed croutons out of a carton. Make them fresh; there is nothing better.

Rule number 3: Make sure the dressing is creamy and flavorful. Dressing should delicately cling to your lettuce so there’s an incredible flavor in every bite.


Rule number 4: Make sure the romaine lettuce is fresh. Please? Seems obvious, but it’s so important.

Rule number 5: Do not forget to add just a pinch of salt and a little freshly cracked black pepper.

We follow these rules, and that’s what makes our classic Caesar salad so delightful.


If you’re craving the cool freshness of a salad, creaminess of a good dressing, and crunch of flavorful homemade croutons, The Saucy Italian NY has your Caesar salad.

We are

World Famous Panini

Ok….maybe not world famous. But when they’re made with fresh ingredients and cooked fresh to order, you just can’t go wrong with a yummy panini.


Panini Sandwich with Genoa Salami, Smoked Virginia Baked Ham, and Provolone Cheese. Topped with Thinly Sliced Red Onion; Served on Ciabatta Bread—Lightly Brushed with Homemade Roasted Garlic Butter—and Toasted to Golden Brown Perfection.  Served with Potato Chips.


We roast fresh heads of garlic in olive oil until they’re tender and fragrant.We then combine our freshly roasted garlic with real butter, making garlic butter that adds a nice flavor note to our panini sandwiches.

Holy Cannoli !!

Holy Cannoli!: Italian-American spin on the traditional cannoli.  Behold our homemade lightly sweet cannoli cream, topped with mini chocolate chips and Pizzelle pieces. Pizzelle are light and delicate Italian cookies. We are


Annette’s Arancini

My version of Italian Fried Rice Balls.  Deep fried rice balls stuffed with mozzarella cheese; Made with my blend of salt, pepper, basil, oregano, rosemary, and garlic—along with some freshly grated Romano cheese. Crunchy on the outside; Cheesy on the Inside. Served with homemade marinara dipping sauce. It’s all in the sauce, baby!  Serving the Mohawk Valley area and the Capital District. Yes, we cater!


The Saucy Italian, NY


My name is Annette Cavallaro-Franks. As an Italian-American born and raised on Long Island, NY, I grew up around lots of good food. Home cooked meals were the norm in my home and many of my friends homes. My family and I rarely went out to restaurants because home-cooked meals were plentiful in the neighborhood, and very few restaurants could deliver the same quality of food that I was accustomed to eating. I can remember going over to my friends’ houses and walking into them smelling those wonderful aromas of sauces bubbling on the stove. We call that Italian “gravy”, ready for dipping fresh warm bread into. That’s the good stuff.

I decided to share that feeling with my community. Having a mobile food business allows me to provide food that is delicious, fresh, and fast—to share that pleasurable experience of utopia you get with good food and good sauces. It’s all in the sauce, baby!

My husband, Johnny–German heritage–grew up on a farm in Wisconsin. His mother, Dorothy, cooked for eight children, and most of what she cooked was homemade comfort food. The only time she went to the store was to get the essentials….flour and sugar. Everything else was produced on the farm…butter, milk, eggs, vegetables, and meat. Johnny loves to cook with me. He’s an Architect of three decades but he also has an impeccable palette and shares my passion for food, family, and community.

As we’re embarking on this wonderful, scary, and exciting journey, we intend to bring smiles to your faces as you enjoy our food made with love. We created our dishes thoughtfully with a focus on good whole ingredients and simplicity. No super fancy entrée names with super fancy ingredients; just good food, simply.

We’re building our food concession trailer now and we’ll post updates as we progress. We plan to open in the Spring of 2017. Stay tuned as we’ll be sharing our menu items and cool trailer updates.


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